Meeting Wim Hof

On May 21st 2017 I went to Wim Hof's Workshop to learn Wim Hof's Breathing Method for Health, Happiness, and Strength.

Taking place in a large university center. I hed to the building where the seminar is taking place and outside in the park with a small group of people appears this crazy homeless-looking man jumping around and smiling with everybody. As I first meet Wim, one of the first things I thought to myself "This guy is little crazy," and it's because he is, as he advocates "get high on your own supply." (oxygen)

He is quite literally a human being who is high on oxygen, no joke. 

At some points I even thought he had some sort of Messiah Complex, and trying to do " the Tony Robbins thing."  It rubbed me the wrong way, but this is not the case as you will see below.

As I spend time being around him and listening to him talk to other people and present in his seminar, verbally and socially, the energy he gives off is similar to a young child or a happy chimpanzee. His energy is very vibrant and all over the place, and tends to repeat things over and over again. Yet we all listen and enjoy it merely because of the impressive feats this guy is capable of, the liberating child-like vibration, and the silly jokes about sex and his penis.

And here is a key note, Wim is not an intellectual whatsoever, more so, Wim is a pure intelligence arising from pure experience. 

Everything he has to offer doesn't come from books or intellectual readings like professors, pastors or business people.

It comes from life.

Let me illustrate: there are two individuals climbing up Mt. Everest, one is an Intellectual and the other is Intelligent.

The intellectual will prepare his nice thick coat, dressing appropriately for the occasion, wearing comfortable thick boots, and checking the temperature with a nice warm choco-late. With a manual to deal with any of the challenges he may not anticipate. All the while, preventing any danger or discomfort for the trek he is about to go on, and completely negating the elements at bay.

The Intelligent man, goes in his tiny shorts, trusting and manually honing the intelligence in his nervous system to sustain the temperature needed to be in synchronicity with the task at hand, using his conscious mind, breathing with the cells in his own body, with all the warmth he needs coming from himself, and sing a song or two while climbing up the mountain.

This intelligent man is Wim Hof.

He's definitely up there with James Brown, Robin Williams. Geniuses at what they do, born from pure experience, loving practice, and intuition. And when you ask them "how they do what they do?" their answer is just as magnificent and bamboozling as what they are capable of doing.

So much so, when Wim describes his experiences and self-transformation they all sound like psychedelic experiences (even though he uses scientific terms). Again, he didn't get this from reading books or intellectualizing, this came from his intense and deep real world experience, and more essentially the internal experience with his connection of his conscious mind to his nervous system.

It is weird. But it became crystal clear when I experienced what he talked about, which was the case for me being exposed to the breathing exercises and encounter with the cold during the ice water bath. 

One of the core things I witnessed with Wim being someone who is a pure intelligence from pure experience: HE MEANS EVERY WORD HE SAYS and EVERYTHING HE SAYS, HE MEANS IT. (even though I don't understand it)

When he says "You can achieve Happiness, Health, and Strength through connection with yourself" he means it.

When he says "Through the endocrine system and the biology of your immune system with your conscious mind that is in your cells you can cure the greatest killers: cardiovascular diseases, depression, and anxiety." he means it.

And when he says "All I need is Sex and Science baby!"

He means that too.

Kids speak in a similar fashion, when they speak or ask you a question, it is genuine and sincere because it's based on what they observe, feel, and experience from the real world right now. So whatever they say, man o' man THEY MEAN IT.

Wim is a lot like this and we need more people in the world like him to wake us up. It's refreshing to see no-bullshit, especially in a world where people offer you fantasies, Wim is giving something very real but difficult to understand because it's something we CAN'T fantasize about, we gotta learn it and experience it for ourselves.

I had a moment with him as one of the last people who spoke to him just before he left, "Wim, I just wanted to say I love you and shake your hand before you go. I can say I'm a better man leaving this workshop before I came in, and when I have kids myself I hope I can pass on this change to them as you have to me." And I meant it.

And when you have two people in a room who mean what they say and say what they mean to each other, a real connection happens.

Wim then responds, "Man, wow come here!" We hug, and we meant it.

He continues. "Thank you, and you know what, forget the past man, the change all we need is in us."

He is right, and what I discovered in meeting him was seeing how important it was for someone to trust their own intelligence and speaking from that place, letting your quirks and weirdness shine through, and witnessing the good and authenticity it can create for yourself and the world around you.

So who is Wim Hof? you might ask, 

A weird guy who discovered something pretty cool.

Thanks Wim